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2021 season UPDATE

April 13, 2021

Thank you everyone for your patience as we have been working to clarify the many details needed to provide a softball season this spring/summer. We are now in a position to share these details (see below)

In order to move forward with planning for the upcoming season, including league scheduling, we need to ask everyone to confirm their registration (including confirmation of shirt sizing) and make payment to NLGS

Next steps to participate in 2021 softball season:\

  • Review details provided below

  • Confirm registration with this link this includes confirming the uniform shirt size (see below for more details)

  • Make payment to NLGSA by e-transfer to (See below for more details regarding fees) please be sure to indicate the player associated with the transfer by indicating the player’s initial (1st name) and full last name in the subject line of the transfer to help us with the e-transfer, please use the password: nlgsa2021

Please confirm registration by April 14th

If you have any questions, please email Tony ( or Cory (

COVID-19 Outlook and Protocols:

COVID-19 continues to be burden in all of our lives as well as a clear and present danger which requires ongoing mitigation in order to keep ourselves and our families safe. It is also important for us all to have regular exercise and outdoor activities in order to balance our physical and mental well being. Softball stands up as a very good activity while COVID-19 is still present within our community - a) it is played outside; b) it is played over a large area and provides significant natural distancing for participants - most of the time greater than the typical 2m; c) close contact is limited and when it occurs is short in duration.

While I know this past week’s announcement by the Ontario Government feels like a big step back, if these latest stay at home orders are effective, this next month will ultimately help us be able to get back on the diamond for this summer.

Following the Ontario Government's current COVID-19 framework and our local health unit’s guidelines, our season can begin with single team practices while the Middlesex-London region is in the RED COVID-19 designation. League games can be played while under the ORANGE or better COVID-19 designation.

NLGSA will be following the Return To Play guidelines provided by the Provincial Women’s Softball Association (PWSA). Here are some specific highlights to share:

  • One family member in attendance per player is strongly encouraged

  • Wearing face masks as PPE is expected to be a requirement for all participants and spectators before, during and after all events (practices and games)

  • Players are to supply their own COVID-19 face masks.

  • These masks should comply with good masking standards (3 layer masks including a filter layer; level 1 or higher medical grade mask - tightly fitted, etc)

  • All masks to fully cover the mouth and the nose

  • Dugouts will not be used by players - when not on the diamond, players will be seated with their attending family member, along with their personal equipment, water bottle, etc

  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be provided for sanitizing stations at the entrance area to the diamond. Players are encouraged to also bring their own hand sanitizer

  • Players and coaches will be encouraged to sanitize hands every 1/2 inning

  • No sharing of equipment

  • Game balls will be provided by each team when they are defending.

  • Game balls during play are to be handled by the defensive team only

  • Game balls will be sanitized before being put in to use each 1/2 inning and before being returned to play after fouls leaving the diamond

  • Early games will have an earlier start time - 6:15pm, and end at 7:45pm. Late games to begin at 8:30pm

  • Sanitizing of the diamond area will be completed before and after games

Season Plans/Expectations:

  • Assuming local and provincial COVID-19 conditions allow, we are planning for our season to begin with practices sometime in May and league games beginning in June.

  • A method of scheduling has been determined which will allow us to play games against other teams in our league while meeting provincial restrictions. As a result, there will be times during the season when teams will be required to play 2 games in one week. There will also be break periods during the season when no games will be scheduled for each team over a 2 week period. Team practices will be scheduled during these break periods

  • This scheduling approach also allows us to have up to 15 players on each team’s roster

  • League games will be planned from June through mid August

  • COVID-19 dependent, our hope is to be able to provide a season including 8 or more games this spring/summer

  • Practices will still be possible and will be important for providing development opportunities for the players

  • League games not able to be played are likely to be cancelled rather than re-scheduled

  • No substitute players will be allowed for league games this season

  • At this time no tournaments are planned. If conditions change which allow an end of season tournament format, this will be considered


  • Each player will be provided with a uniform which includes a ball hat and team shirt.

  • When finalizing registration, you will be asked to confirm the shirt size for each player being registered.

  • If unsure of shirt size, you have two options;

  1. Choose the next larger size (to be safe)

  2. Contact Chris at Pete’s Sports (519-433-9555) to schedule a fitting

  • Personalized numbers will not be possible this season. Numbers will be applied before being assigned.

  • Pants, belt and socks will not be provided as part of the uniform this season. Players who already have these items are welcome to wear them for games and practices this season.

  • For any players who would like to acquire these items individually for this season, they will be available to purchase at Pete’s Sports (649 Oxford Street East). Please contact Chris (519-433-9555) for more details


  • As mentioned during our pre-registration process, each player is encouraged to provide their own bat and batting helmet (with attached protective cage). For those players that do not have a bat or batting helmet, NLGSA will supply them for the season

  • During the season bats and batting helmets will not be shared

  • Fielding masks are required for anyone pitching, and strongly encouraged for all players while playing an infield defensive position

  • Fielding masks are not to be shared and will not be supplied by NLGSA this season

Registration Costs:


Mite (u10) $250

Squirt (u12) $255

Novice (u14) $260

Bantam (u16) $265

Midget/Jr (u20) $270

  • If COVID-19 affects our ability to play this summer such that the season is significantly reduced or cancelled, a partial or full refund of the registration fee will be provided.

  • Make payment to NLGSA by e-transfer to

  • Please be sure to indicate the player associated with the transfer by including the player’s initial (1st name) and full last name in the subject line of the transfer

  • To help us with the e-transfer, please use the password: nlgsa2021

If other payment arrangements are needed, please email: